Off the wall

The first step was to create a manufacturing process which would give the shoes their tough features such as being able to wash them in the laundry machine and their adherence to almost any surface. Mr. Van Doren did just this creating a production process that was the only one of its kind.

Vans shoes boast soles in rubber, uppers in canvas or suede, and cloth innersoles. One may also note that Vans continue their hand made production in their original factory in Orange, California.

It all began with the original project of providing a shoe which could meet the need of California surfers, skateboarders, and BMXers In the final phase, the shoes pass in special ovens for the vulcanization process that fuses all of the components together. No type of adhesive or glue is used, instead everything is attached with heat.

The reason for the big success of Vans, first in the USA and later in Europe, is not only the Californian look of their shoes.  It is this exclusive step that gives Vans their originality in respect to their imitators. In addition, their manufacturing process gives them the flexibility to use an extraordinary range of colors and patterns, mixing one with the other to create seemingly infinite combinations. In Italy, WP-Work in Progress is the exclusive Vans distributor. If you have all this in a shoe, you have the exact image of a product that is absolutely in a league of its own.