Puma Dassler

The Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik collection, characterized by its strong revolutionary spirit, was created to symbolize the rebellius and courageous heart that ispired the artistic avant-garde vision of the mid 1900’s. This movement was influenced by notions of internationalism and progress, and by the celebration of technology, ideas that have been associated with modernization. The avant-garde movement was a child of particular moment in time. There was never a lack of more or less violent revolutions. At once utopian and totalizing, it became an international focal point for all that was provocative and revolutionary in the arts. Modernism was evident in the linguistics of the Prague structuralist, the pruductivism found in Russian constructivism, and the “socialist cathedral” upon which Bauhaus ideology was initiated. Training at the Bauhaus was based on the “objective basic existence of form and color elements”. Abstract and cubist painters interpreted these geometrical forms lyrically, romantically and ironically. This patchwork of overlapping traditions and juxtaposed social and artistic agendas created a vibrant energy that simulated artists and writers to capture this reality in their work. This kind of costructivism was of great intrigue to Rudolf Dassler.

The introduction of jazz in Europe led to an even further rhythmical exploration. Walter Gropius, founder of the bauhaus, became fashinated by this new beat and he trasmitted his passion for this music to his students. Not by chance, jazz was recognized as the official music of the Bauhaus. In much the same ways, Rudolf Dassler became ispired by this exciting rhythm of sounds and shapes and confronted them with the aesthetics of the world of sports. The Olympic games were becoming more and more a cultural event. The aesthetic beauty and elegance of the Olympic athletes fashinated Rudolf Dassler. The rhythm of a somersault, the gesture of the javelin throw, the acrobatic skill of vaulting, all of these contours and forms greatly inspired Rudolf Dassler to found a company based on these aesthetic principals.

Today, avant-garde designs can be appreciated as elements of cultural memory, recognized as building blocks of the modern visual vocabulary, and studied as precursors of the contemporary world dominated by new media. These innovative designs, which were then used in the politics of everyday life, in persuading consumers, in propagating for political causes, in transmitting new ideas about art, in redesigning ever-industrializing cultures, are the messages that are carried by the Rudolf Dassler name. Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik distinguishes itself from other brands because of its composed spirit. The Rudolf Dassler Schuhfabrik collection evokes the power of the avant-garde movement and reminds us that an individual cannot archieve this effect.