Sorry we are open

Open? Of course we’re open we’re completely open 100% open

and I’ll let you into a secret we’re not sorry about it all that was just a joke you know sorry we’re closed sorry we’re open hearted open mouthed open minded like the frankenstein robot whose head flips open to let ideas in and ideas out don’t ask me in which order as they’re both part of the same process the process that takes your dreams like the one where you’re Marilyn Monroe standing in that fifties dress in front of Niagara Falls and flings them into the third millennium where everyone is suddenly saying yes Naomi, no Naomi and you’re strutting your stuff on the catwalk looking hot with a capital h and glamorous with a capital g that kind of magic takes the vision of a wizard a sorcerer a soothsayer you know the now you see him now you don’t guy mr what’s his name mister thingummy mr pinko mr pinko pallino mr so and so and so and so and so on into the future into infinity into endless space open space the kind of space you need to think the kind of space you need to be yourself that’s what the pinko store experience is it’s yours so it’s as open as you want to be well what did you expect 9 to 5?